We drove 45 minutes to try out Burnt Ends. Highly recommended and we werent disappointed. We did take out and drove it home and it was still delicious. I had the brisket platter. It was moist, delicious and whatever rub you use is SPOT on. My husband had the pulled pork sandwich (no slaw). Thank you for being the only place that uses a REAL bun to hold up to that delicious meat. Mac N cheese was great. House BBQ is really good. Literally no complaints. Next time we will eat in. My 1 year old enjoyed some mac n cheese and brisket. She loved it. I had a picture but i cant attach it. Thanks for the great meal. We will be back.


I have only had 3 bbq meals in 60 years, that were amazing ! The first was Franklin bbq in san Antonio Texas, the second was BBQ at best in Alberta Canada , the third was Burnt Ends in lewiston Maine. You dont need bbq sauce to cover up a good bbq ! These folks fed us on storm duty Christmas eve, while working power outages!


Excellent food! Definitely will be back again! I had ordered the pork belly’s and the beef burnt bbq Cobb salad! Friendly workers and super nice owners! If you haven’t already give this place a try!


It is refreshing to have a restaurant in Maine that puts the love Burnt ends puts into their BBQ. I strive for quality BBQ when I backyard smoke . The owners of Burnt Ends deserve all the recognition they can get. Just wonderful high qualityBBQ


The best porkbelly around hand down bar none get it every time i go .


It’s kind of difficult to look for pork meat with fat in Lewiston groceries; lean is mostly available. Then I found this place. I did not think twice about ordering the pork belly and boy did it take me back to home where we include the fat for a richer taste of pork. The pork belly at Burnt Ends is packed with flavor; sweet and charred – an awesome combination. The best part, the fat melts in your mouth like a butter. Definitely goes well with my rice 🙂 I also love their corn bread; moist and not too starchy. Give ’em a try.


After 3 successful trips here, I’m compelled to leave a review. Each time I’ve ordered the pork belly burnt ends (along with other entrees), and every time I’ve been more than satisfied. Delicious food and a friendly staff. Will definitely continue to frequent this establishment. This is such a welcome addition to the Lewiston area.


WOW! I am impressed. I’ve been to many barbacue restaurants in Maine and have been disappointed in the past. I went with family and the food was EXCELLENT! I had the Pork Belly Burnt Ends and Collard Greens. The Burnt Ends melted in my mouth and the Collard Greens were seasoned Just right. Not too salty…. The cornbread is nice and moist, not too sweet, but cold. I did expect warm cornbread. But, overall, the experience was very good. We will be back.


Everything was absolutely delicious and the staff are amazing! Great customer service and food!


So i was excited to try this place because of the pork belly. I got there and ordered staff is really nice. Got the pork belly and say down. The pork belly was not what I was expecting. Usually when you get pork belly you have a nice thick layer of fat and some meat. When I got it it looked like pulled pork and was not where I was expecting at all. I got the side of mac and cheese and that was on fire. I should have went and just got the mac and cheese.


Damn Good



Absolutely amazing first time there been back once a week I’ve never been full on a meal I couldn’t even eat a quarter of my meal..super great food


It was fabulous! So flavorful and well down. Melt in your mouth, so good



The burnt ends were delicious and cooked perfectly! I didn’t order a platter, just the small, but that and the ah-MAZ-ing corn bread with honey butter…perfection! Did an online order and it was ready when I got there. Can’t wait to go back!



Pork belly burnt ends platter was bomb brisket burnt ends not as good Collard greens good Coleslaw ok Cornbread bomb Prices little high for amount